Open Virtual Desktop

For a beginners guide, tutorials and how-tos, please go to OpenDesktop_module documentation

The OpenDesktop module provides an integration of the Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) into moodle.

If you want to use your own OVD installation, you have to install an OVD application server and an OVD sessionmanager on separate servers to be able to use this module. You can try to run the sessionmanager and moodle on the same server, but that could be tricky and you might face severe apache server configuration issues. If you install the sessionmanager and moodle on the same server use localhost/sessionmanager as sessionmanager URL.

All installation information, troubleshooting is to be found at OpenDesktop_module documentation

You can also use roles: Students and guests are normally allowed to watch already started desktops of the course, teachers are allowed to watch, to start and to participate actively in already started desktops of the course.

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